Late Night Pie show

This show was fucking sick. It started with Cop Warmth who played a wicked set with all of the members switching back and forth each others instruments. Pretty goofy/awesome. Next up was Ali Manas. Fucking awesome local Mexican punx. They tore shit up for about half an hour and we were up next. We set up and played a total of about 10 minutes. We were done at 1 A.M. after getting set up at 12:50! Next up was my other band, the stoner/doom/droney Witchdoctor. That band played for a total of 30 minutes with a one song set! Last was Conflikto who murdered their audience with raw, anarchist punk. An overall great FREE show with badass pizza!!! :) Stay grind yall.


May 8th, first show.

Our first show was on May 8th at Fitzgerald's in Houston. We played with Dissent, Omotai, and Lions of Tsavo from Austin. Our set wasn't the best but it was our first show! Posted above are vids. Be expecting a 3 track exclusive online demo soon. Our next show is May 22nd with Question (Minneapolis) at the Ponderosa (Also posted above). Much love everyone. Stay strong, bike long, and grind down the system.